Competitive Advantages

Experienced management team.

Our team has a track record of discovering and developing multi-billion dollar projects worldwide with over 300 years of combined experience in the oil and gas exploration industry. We believe that the strength of our team distinguishes us from many competitive E&P companies.

Advanced seismic image processing.

We utilize 2.2 million acres of 3D seismic data to identify high quality exploration prospects. These data incorporate advanced processing technologies, including beam and reverse time migration (RTM) imaging.

Identify exploration opportunities.

By integrating our extensive 3D seismic and geological databases, we are able to identify leasing opportunities we believe have compelling characteristics in terms of size, geological attributes and potential for economic returns.

GulfSlope Strategy

We believe that the opportunity exists for a technology-driven oil and gas exploration company to extensively apply the most advanced seismic technologies available, with the goal of making discoveries and creating significant value for shareholders.

Modern 3D seismic datasets suitable for improved imaging at various depths are readily available in many basins, but have historically been prohibitively expensive for small companies. An example of such a seismic technology is Reverse Time Migration, which we believe to be the most accurate seismic imaging technology for critical depth imaging available today. Through a series of strategic acquisitions and partnerships, we have been successful in acquiring 2.2 million acres of advanced seismic to date.

Equally important to our success is a team of highly experienced technical geoscientists who have extensive understanding of the geology and geophysics of our select basins to interpret and apply these modern seismic technologies. We believe the right people with the right resources are our key to decreasing the traditional geologic risks for which the exploration industry is known.